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We wish to be called as "a small, personal and trusted property development company based out of Chennai, India specializing in developing urban mid-sized residential apartments within Chennai city limits"

The idea behind Subhiksha
Our dearest co-founder Smt., Geetha Sundar, but was the one behind the idea of starting Subhiksha to cater to the needs of people embarking on what could be their biggest investments in their lifetime - owning a property. This idea evolved in the year 1986  even before there was any real estate boom in the whole country. The name "Subhiksha", though has become common place now, was chosen by her and it was very very unique at that time. Moreover, during its inception, Subhiksha was one among the very few property development companies in Chennai.

Smt., Geetha Sundar

26th May 1956 - 30th September 2014

It is through the inspirational, ethical and moral directions provided that Subhiksha is what it is now.
* Small and personal
* Respected and liked
* Evolving more professional while staying trustworthy and ethical
* Able to survive the ups and downs of the cyclical real estate market for all the years since inception
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